viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012

Vintage Make up Part one: THE BALM

Aloha Guys & Dolls!

How goes the spring in your countries? ^^ Here in Pamplona we have an amazing weather, which inspires me to thing about create new outfits full of colours and retro make up! ... hum, talking about that, todays post is about some vintage marks that im loving ! Becauses ince Too Faced started with the pin up boxes there is borning a lot of new amazing competences!
Today the post gonna be short but I want introduce you:

                                                                          THE BALM                                                              

First a lot of wonderfull picks! :)
It is said that The Balm is like Benfit but a little more cheap. The quality is the same, and is a funny .
It is a pitty that here in Spain we can only find it in Primor shop, so If you have one near your citty! Luckyyyy!!!! 
I havent got anything of the balm. What a sad new... But I hope buy it something soon!

See you later aligator! :D a lot of kisses!!! :D Soon new post with other vintage make up!